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The Official Omphala Deck

Defensive Augments (Diamonds)

14D Glade Jadamara.png
13D Gren.png
12D Frozen Queen.png
11D Getaeight.png
10D Citywide Shield.png
9D Labyrinth Hideout.png
8D Anchor Brake Field.png
7D Writ-Stone Walls.png
6D Black Box.png
5D Hidden Reinforcements.png
4D Contrivance Cannon Fodder.png
3D Civilian Militia.png
2D Unity Propoganda.png

Defensive Augments (Diamonds)

14H Quantine.png
13D Undying King.png
12H Shrouded Lady.png
11H Lazaeron the Remaker.png
10H Artifact Ring.png
9H Writ-Whip.png
8H Ingevein Device.png
7H Alliance Escort.png
6S Uncut Disciples.png
5H Obsidiron Bodyguard.png
4H Rotting Mentor.png
3H Ehtlentin Blade.png
2H Post-Traumatic Growth.png

Attack Cards (Clubs)

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